Trey Gowdy To Clinton: ‘You Can’t Quit Until I Say You Can’

Hillary Clinton may think she can just quit public life and walk away, but Trey Gowdy wants her to know it’s not going to be that easy:

“Some people think because I don’t believe the uranium deal is worth investigating that she’s getting a free pass. That’s just not the case. We’re still looking at emails and we’re still trying to figure out what the hell happened in Benghazi.”

The Clinton response has been the same, with spokesman Art Tubolls telling Fox News:

“You people need to give up your crooked little crusade and move on with your lives. There was no uranium deal that allowed anything radioactive to leave the country. Those emails are a decade old now. Are we really worried about national security here? As for Benghazi…why don’t you idiots go watch the movie.”

Gowdy’s office says a new round of subpoenas is about to happen and the people involved this time go “way deeper” than ever before. There is talk that high-ranking members of the Deep State, quite possibly even Barack Obama and George Soros himself may be called before Congress.

We will most definitely keep you updated on this developing story as it progresses through the day.

Source: Patriot Post

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