Donald Denies $98 Million To America’s 2nd Largest Sanctuary City

President Donald Trump is fulling his promise of making America great again. He has won every battle he’s fought so far. Our economy is thriving and exceeding all expectations.

He managed to lower the unemployment rate drastically and rise GDP. Now, he finishes the year with a tax bill that grants an enormous cut on taxes.

Still liberals are determined to not acknowledge his accomplishments. They carry on opposing every thing the President works hard to achieve. Luckily their efforts have no impact on the President’s productivity.

California is still a major issue that needs to be dealt with. This state has applied the so called “sanctuary policies” that are endangering the lives of American citizens.

California leaders are choosing criminals ahead of their own people.

Naturally, the federal government is prepared to fight these atrocities.

According to the LA Times, through the course of this year, L.A. officials asked government for more than $3 million in federal funding. Of course, their demand was turned down.

The U.S. Department of Justice gave no explanation what so ever to the LAPD for not granting the $98 million in grants that were given as an award to law enforcement agencies around the nation.

Some LAPD officials regarded Trump’s decision to withhold government funding from cities that don’t support his immigration policy, as vindictive and said that it is a ” and a troubling sign of what could come”.

The Californian leadership has made their own people angry, trying to protect illegal aliens instead of ensuring the safety of their own citizens. And they have the nerve to accuse the Government for not supporting them.

From Mad World News report that:

“In September 2017, the Los Angeles City Council turned up its nose at Trump, defying his warning that cities which harbor illegal aliens and thwart immigration officers from enforcing arrests shouldn’t stick their hands out in expectation of federal funding.

Ironically, they were surprised when Trump kept his promise to bring down the hammer of justice, hitting them where it really hurts.”

Liberals accuse Donald Trump for being a racist when he has done everything to protect his people. The President proved himself to be a successful and smart negotiator who has excellent leadership skills. He has influenced the nation greatly and bettered every sphere of our society.

Liberals are struggling long and hard to oppose his ways, and why? Because he cares for his peoples safety?

The federal government has rightly denied funds to Los Angeles. It’s nonsense to even think they deserve a pay after spending the whole year insulting the President.

Perhaps they’ll learn their lesson now and stop opposing Trump. Maybe they’ll come to their senses and see that he is doing nothing but good for this country.

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