Trump Administration Will File Papers To Withdraw From The UN

A White House insider close to President Trump has confirmed to Rasmussen that the administration will formally withdraw from the United Nations by Executive Action in 2018. The papers have been drawn up and sit ready to be signed and delivered to Vice-Minister Ngyuyen.

Critics are calling the authenticity of the report “questionable,” considering the storm a leak of this magnitude would create, but according to Hannity:

“There’s a good reason Trump would allow this to be leaked. He wants all of the legalities disposed of before he bothers signing it. The Democrats are already scrambling to stop him with the courts.”

The problem is, the courts can’t stop a President from ending a non-binding treaty like the UN Charter. According to Article 6 section 5 of the Constitution, The President shall “have the power to engage and disengage with other leaders of the world at will.” Constitutional scholars sometimes refer to it as the “omnipotence clause,” because it gives our President more power than most to make crucial decisions at a moment’s notice.

If the move is confirmed, economists expect the dollar to take a hit and for the market to adjust to a significantly lower number as the upper-tier of investors, aka the job creators, remove their investments to reinvest after the crisis. Retirement funds, loan rates, and public assistance programs may take a hit, but in the end, we’ll still have the REAL dreamers; those who stuck around and continued to believe in the United States of America.

God bless you, President Trump.

Source: Patriot Post

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