Kneeling Thug Colin Kaepernick Raided By The DEA

Disrespectful punk who refuses to show respect for our flag and our country, Colin Kaepernick, was arrested this morning by the Illinois State Police Drug Enforcement Task Force on charges of trafficking in more than thirty pounds of crack cocaine and heroin.

Kaepernick, who found himself without a job this season after giving up being a football player to be a spokesman for thugs, is facing 40 years in prison. His lawyer says he’s innocent and the victim of an elaborately staged setup.

Captain Royce Bulger of the ISPDTF says they’ve been tracking Kaepernick’s movements for months and have enough video evidence and undercover testimony to put him away until he’s a “very old man”:

“Here you have a guy who threw away millions to support the thug life. It was almost inevitable that he become a part of it.”

The drugs found in Kaepernick’s home are enough for the State of Illinois to take everything from him that he’s obtained since he left the NFL. They consider all of his income after that to be ill-gotten gains. The street value of the drugs he had in his possession are worth more than $7 million.

None of his former teammates, coaches or anyone else cared to comment.

Source: Patriot Post

Woman Snatches Lunatic Gunman’s Shotgun Away, Shoots Him With It

There are days at work you wish you could forget, then there are days where you’ll always be remembered.

An Oklahoma woman recently had a day at work where she’ll always be remembered for her bravery and quick, live-saving action.

She’s being called a hero, and here’s why.

Colette Wind has been employed at Bergey Windpower in Norman for roughly six years.

She’s now being hailed a hero for stepping in Wednesday when a man entered the Norman business with a gas mask and firearms and confronted his wife.

Bergey Windpower’s president, Michael Bergey, was inside and heard the shots.

“Heard screaming. Had to take the headphones off to hear what was being said. It was, ‘Call 911,’ then I heard a gun go off,” Bergey said. “I saw sight of the gunman holding a long gun against one of our employees and I ducked behind my desk, had 911 on the phone as quickly as I could.

Wind was in another room and intervened. The gunman then shot her, officials said.

“He put the shotgun down, and one of our employees picked it up and, as the gunman went for his other (gun), he had two other pistols. Our employee shot him,” Bergey said.

Bergey and her family members are rightfully calling Wind a hero for risking her life to help a friend, reports KOCO.

“We need her back,” Bergey said. “I’m not at all surprised that she tried to help her friend who was sitting at the desk right across from her.”

Wind was shot in the arm and underwent surgery.

Police haven’t released the names of the suspect wounded with the shotgun, and the other employees involved, but both are expected to recover.

Source: Mad World News

Reality Hits Millennials – Too Many Tattoos & Piercings Equals NO JOB

Dr. Harris Sterman is all for young people expressing their individuality. But just how many piercings can you put into one ear, anyway?

“Some people get really carried away,” says Sterman, chief of plastic surgery at Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck. The multiple holes are one thing. But then there’s the many large and heavy objects hung from all those holes — and we’re not just talking regular old diamond stud earrings or tiny crucifixes anymore — before the poor ear is literally stretched to its outermost limits.

Call it a strange sign of the times. Some doctors, like Sterman, say they are noticing more and more millennials coming in because their ears have become deformed from overpiercing and need reconstructive surgery.

And it’s not just ear piercing. Many are seeking to reverse the impulsive, perhaps keg-fueled decisions of their not-quite-lost youths. That tongue piercing, that bone through the nose, that conspicuously placed tattoo you got in college may not go over so big now in a job interview, or in the board room.

It’s time to conform to the real world.

“There has been an influx of people, millennials in particular, who have a lot of body piercings — mainly facial piercings — that they are looking to change,” says Dr. Laurence Milgrim, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Teaneck. “These are large earring holes, larger than the usual stud hole. When the earlobe and other parts of their bodies are expanded, they have trouble in the classic work force. Nose piercings, ear piercings … and tattoo removal, especially on the neck, where it’s noticeable, has become popular.”

An estimated 36 percent of Americans have at least one piercing somewhere other than an earlobe, according to a 2012 Pew Research study. Other research suggests the figure is as high as 56 percent for those between 17 and 25, reports North Jersey.

In most cases, the ravaged earlobe, the mutilated upper-ear cartilage, the messed-up tongue piercing and even the most elaborate tattoo can be removed or fixed in one or more visits.

“As plastic surgeons, we do fix them, and we can do a very nice job. I have had people with massively stretched-out ear lobes and now, you would not even be able to tell,” says Dr. Daniel Maman, a board-certified plastic surgeon at 740 Park Plastic Surgery in Manhattan. “It depends. But I have fixed some severe deformities under a local anesthesia and here in the office.”

Damage done

Sterman notes that years of wearing even one set of earrings can eventually lead to a tearing of the earlobes in any age group. But millennials tend to cut through more tissue, faster, simply by pushing the fashion envelope. “When you have multiple earrings and they are close together, the holes can weaken the tissue faster and the holes merge together,” he says.

He also pointed to the popularity of so-called gauge earrings among millennials, which are especially disfiguring in the long-run. “They make an opening, and they put in a disk. So when you take it out, your earlobes almost look like strings of spaghetti, all stretched out. If you take it out, you have this kind of loop,” he says.

Maman said the damage can be more serious when people pierce the upper ear. “Once you go above the earlobe, you are penetrating the cartilage. You make a permanent hole. Cartilage does not grow back or regenerate.” This can lead to chondritis, he says, an infection in the cartilage.

“Have you ever seen the wrestler with the cauliflower ears? The result would be the same,” Maman says, “There is plastic surgery for it, and we can fix it to the best of our ability. But the more severe the damage, the less you can fix it.”

But with or without deformity, many millennials simply want things removed or filled in because they are entering a new, more conservative phase of life. And well they should, says Eugene Gentile, director of the Undergraduate Career Management Office at Rutgers Business School in New Brunswick.

“We tell people take your nose ring out. But then you’re looking at that great big hole,” says Gentile, who teaches classes and seminars on how to present yourself in interviews and in the business world. “One thing I teach is when you’re on an interview, you want a person focusing on your eyes and your mouth. Not to be distracted by whatever adornment you have on your body.

“A lot of things that are great for the club are not great for the interview,” he adds. “One of the things we teach is wear a very conservative suit. And I get push-back on that. ‘Do you want us all to look the same? You told us to differentiate ourselves.’ It sounds contradictory, but I want a dark suit and a light shirt or blouse so that people are looking at your face and listening to what you say. The tattoo doesn’t help. It is incredibly distracting.”

“I had a guy who wanted to join the military, and because he had this gauge deformity, he felt he had to get it fixed,” Sterman says. “You are allowed certain tattoos, but things are still very strict. He had this huge loop for an earlobe.”

Several options available

There are a few ways to fix the problem.

“We reconstruct the earlobe with tissue surrounding it, or from other areas,” says Milgrim. Holes are filled in and excess stretched skin is removed.

Sterman said he has a slightly different method. By employing what is known as the lap-joint technique, he says, “you’re creating right angle turns in the scar, so this way when it heals, it doesn’t cause notching. It ends up taking an extra 10 to 15 minutes. Some insurance covers it. The earlobe ends up having a beautiful curvature to it,” Sterman says, whereas under the standard treatment method, a small cleft can be left in the lobe.

As for tattoos, says Milgrim, “removals over the years have gotten so much better. We have better lasers, and today, the removal is not as noticeable as it used to be,” he says, noting that in the past, remnants of an old tattoo would sometimes be visible.

“The tattoos are removed over multiple sessions,” Mi;grim says. “Some of the colors can be very hard to get out because of the depth of the color. Reds are the hardest.”.

“I had a young woman who came in who had this bizarre tattoo on her shoulder blade, who grew up, got a real job in the corporate world, and had to go to corporate events,” Sterman says. “She ended up getting laser treatments to have it removed. … With tattoos, each color almost needs a different laser. In order to treat this, you need very expensive equipment. It’s multiple treatments. And it can be expensive, too.”

Milgrim says ear reconstruction generally costs between $1,000 and $2,000, while tattoo removal is anywhere from $500 to $1,500.


Obama Is Running A Terrorist Training Camp Right Here In The USA

National Security Advisor Colonel Jason Gibbons tasked his team last week with finding out what was going on in Southeast California at 6K feet above sea-level. When Predator drones began returning pictures like the one above, his staff became alarmed.

Now, with evidence that a camp on a plateau between Mt. Marandy and Mt. Loshton is training “security specialists” for a company owned by Barack Obama, they’ve become downright suspicious. As a security company with a federal firearms permit to train with automatic weapons, all of the trainees have to be listed in a report filed with the ATF. That report lists four instructors and a dozen students, all with impeccable records.

What it doesn’t list is what the drone found: more than 500 men, most with beards and some form of “headdress” on, are training in the hills of California in plain clothes with automatic weapons. Not a single one of them is there legally. According to the California Secretary of State:

“NOS Inc is a reputable company with distinguished owners. Nobody is buying into the hype that Obama is a terrorist Muslim Commie Fascist. That’s for the Tea Partiers in the South to fantasize about. We won’t be investigating or issuing any warrants to search for what one aide thinks are people and 40 others think are shrubs.”

He’s obviously covering for his Democrat buddy Obama. The next step for Gibbons’ team will be to send federal agents to investigate what will most certainly be an empty camp by the time they get there:

“The Secretary’s statement was out of line and compromised a federal investigation. We may be back to square one.”

Nobody is publicizing this disaster. Obama may have yet again dodged a bullet.

Source: The Last Line Of Defense

$4 Million And 2 Dead Bodies Found In Democrat Mayor’s Storage Unit

Moyor Stephen “Stormin’” Foreman of Goose Rapids, Missouri has been placed on the FBI’s most wanted list after a storage locker he apparently forgot to pay for was auctioned off — complete with $4 million in cash and 2 dead bodies.

Special Agent Hendrick Slurryman explained that it was a clerical error that caused the Mayor, a Democrat, to tuck tail and run:

“Steve Foreman would have never even been a suspect in the crimes we found evidence of in that locker. The bodies and money trace back to an armored car robbery in Southeast New Mexico. He had the unit on an autopay contract but his credit card expired and due to a juxtoposed number…he never got the notice in the mail.”

According to his secretary, John Lewis Prager, he first he heard of it was when it came over the police scanner in the Mayor’s office. “He suddenly had to go,” said Prager, visibly upset, “It’s the last time I’ve seen or heard from him. I’m guessing he knew what was about to happen and went to some other evil storage locker to cash out and escape.”

The FBI thinks Prager is right. Foreman reportedly has more than a dozen storage units spread across Missouri and possibly hundreds around the country. He was spotted on surveillance cameras in Hamilton leaving a unit with a bag from an armored car:

A bag that size could contain millions in $100 bills or bearer bonds. The FBI also suspects that Foreman has fake passports and various pre-planned escape routes. “Finding him won’t be easy,” said Slurryman, “but we won’t stop until we do.”

The mayor’s job in Goose Rapids will revert to Foreman’s Deputy Mayor.

According to Ladies Of Liberty

Woman Shoots Muslim Neighbor In The Crotch For ‘Sharia Beating’ His Wife In The Driveway

Mary Lynne Fields of Wiscasset, New York was minding her own business folding laundry in her living room when she heard screaming coming from outside. She looked to find her neighbor, Sharan al Malheek, beating his wife with a stick in the driveway. Mary Lynne told our reporter:

“I screamed out the window for him to stop and he just stared at me for like…10 seconds. I could see his rage. The nhe shouted, ‘go back to your laundry, bitch. Sharia demands I have justice for this whorte’s indiscretions.’ I was terrified.

I did the only thing I know how to do. I grabbed my little .22 rifle I use to clean up the groundhogs that eat my garden and I put one right in his penis. Dead on, too. 30 yards.”

Fields was taken into custody for assault with a deadly weapon but later released when the al Maheek’s wife made a statement. She lives in New York, so the State Attorney is actively looking for a reason to lock her up, but from the circumstances, Kaylen al Maheek was in mortal danger and Mrs. Fields used what she thought was appropriate and non-lethal force from a safe distance.

Mrs. Maheek says she’s eternally grateful for her neighbor’s actions and even though her husband ultimately bled out and died, she’s glad that it was him instead of her.

Mary Lynn Fields is an American hero.

Source: Patriot Post

Watch Your Mail Carefully, If You See A Check Like This From Walmart, Here’s What It Means

Walmart has gotten a reputation as one of the most trusted retailers in the world, but they are under heavy fire after a new scheme was launched.

The Illinois Sheriff’s Department has just issued a warning to the public about a new scheme where a victim receives a letter in the mail with a check.

The letter reportedly tells the recipient that they have been accepted into the “Quality Control” at Walmart. It goes on to inform them of their new “responsibilities.”


The check included requires activation with a user id and a password which is supplied in the letter.

Once the recipient tries to deposit it into their bank account, the thugs responsible have access to their bank account.

Be sure to share this with family and friends! We do not want these thugs getting their hands on any more cash at the expense of innocent Americans.


Man called Donald Trump Arrested For Sexual Harassment

A 53-year man named Donald Trump was arrested this morning by the NYPD over charges of sexual misconduct.
A 58-year old woman living in the same building as the President’s namesake accuses him of repeatedly making unsolicited comments of sexual nature.

A total of seven criminal charges have been filed against him, including accusations of sexual harassment and invitation to sexual touching.

Mr. Trump’s lawyer, Jacob Ben Hayim, said the accusations were unjustified and abusive and even called this case “a parody of justice”.

He says his client was attempting to flirt with the plaintiff and that she never told him to stop.

“He faces jailtime because of a few clumsy comments he made in an attempt to compliment the plaintiff. He once told her that her new jeans made her ass look great. Another time, he told her he liked the tattoo she has on one of her breast. Being bad at flirting isn’t a crime!”
NYPD spokesman Stephen Harris told reporters that a complaint had been filed last week and he congratulated investigators for proceeding so rapidly to protect the victim.

“We live in an era in which there can be no tolerance for sexual misconduct. The detectives working on this case acted to protect the victim, so she doesn’t have to live in fear.”
He admits that Mr. Trump’s comments might seem inoffensive when examined one by one, but says that the fact that he made several similar comments made the victim feel uneasy in his presence.

The plaintiff, 58-year old Margaret Franklin, was delighted by Mr. Trump's arrest, saying he was "clearly a pervert" and that she would "never date a black man".

This case has immediately drawn a lot of media attention because of the accused’s name and also generated a lot of reactions on the social media.

Several people have suggested that Mr. Trump is being treated more severely by the justice system because he’s African-American, while others saluted the courage of the victim for daring to speak up.

Mr. Trump is expected to appear in court in January for the beginning of his trial, and he will remain behind bars until then. If found guilty on all charges, he could face up to 25 years in prison.

Source: WorldNewsDailyReport

Inmates At Texas Prison Are 8 Days Into Massive Hunger Strike. Let Them Starve?

A whiny bunch of inmates incarcerated in a Texas prison have been on a hunger strike for the past eight days. The thugs are refusing to eat at mealtimes, daring prison officials to let them starve or acquiesce to their demands.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesman Robert Hurst says “they began refusing meals on Christmas but some have food in their cells that they purchased from the commissary… the inmates have complained about recreational time, food portions and the temperature.”

In other words, prison sucks. Of course, it does, did the inmates think they were checking into a Holiday Inn when they were strip-searched upon arrival? Prisoners deserve to have their basic rights protected, but they shouldn’t be catered to.

If a mentally-competent adult chooses to not eat, why is it the prison’s responsibility to keep them alive? If someone wants to starve, let them. The strikers at the Texas prison aren’t suicidal, they’re just trying to use what little leverage they have.

Take it away from them. Prisons have a responsibility to provide three reasonably healthy meals a day. They shouldn’t also be required to force it down their charges’ throats.

Hurst told the Houston Chronicle Tuesday that “37 prisoners in segregation are participating. The number has fallen since Sunday when he told the Houston Chronicle that 45 inmates were involved.”

He also said that officials “will take appropriate action as needed,” although he declined to give further details.

Millennials need to learn that throwing a temper tantrum only works when they’re five.

(Source: Houston Chronicle)

Another European Country Just Banned The Burqa – Islam Won’t Like This

Not that the Media (D) would ever mention it, but there is now a FIFTH European country to ban the burka.

And before the left cries ‘racist!’ they should stop to consider that even the hard-left European Union Court upheld it.

You’d never know it to watch the news, but while foreign governments try to call America ‘racist’ for our cautious attitude toward immigrants from failed states … some of these same countries have an absolute ban on full-face burkas.

Countries that already had such a ban include

– France

– Belgium

– Netherlands

– Bulgaria

What country is adding its name to the list?


The ban doesn’t prevent your HEAD from being covered… just your face/identity.

Scarves worn over the hair? Sure!

Those are just fine.

Hide who you are? NOW we’ve got issues.

Confused about what’s Ok and what’s not?

This can tell you what’s what with the terminology.

The question some are asking — should America be following their lead?

Does your grandpa go off on paltry politicians, whether they be Democrats or Republicans? Does he get misty eyed when he talks about God and Country and America’s future? And have you ever heard him scream, ‘Awww … Hell no!’ when Rosie O’Donnell starts yapping on television? If you answered yes to one, or all of the above, then your gramps will love Doug Giles’ latest book, My Grandpa’s A Patriotic Badass.

Don’t be fooled by the title — this ain’t just for Grandpa.
The Snowflake Generation — and the rest of America — needs a good ol’ dose of ‘Grandpa wisdom’.
Especially if that Grandpa is Doug Giles.
You’ll love My Grandpa’s A Patriotic Badass just as much as Grandpa will.

Source: Clash Daily