Bill Clinton’s Hitman Confesses On His Deathbed (SOURCE: HANNITY)

Bill Clinton’s hitman has confessed to more than 60 murders carried out on the former President’s orders and another 40 on orders from his evil wife, Killary. The news, just picked up for a special edition of Hannity tomorrow, could unravel the evil empire once and for all.

His name is Wilshire Williams — or at least that’s the alias he’s used for more than 40 years. He was a low-level runner for the mafia until he was literally sold to Bill Clinton in exchange for 12 cases of confiscated Arkansas moonshine. Clinton was the State Attorney at the time. He and Williams, who was born Terrence Wilekenmeyer in Yonkers, became close.

Williams, who knows that while he was invited to their barbeques and kept comfortable and out of the spotlight for 40 years he was nothing but a tool, says that he is dying of pancreatic cancer and that he needs to go with a clean conscience. The intern at Fox that took the interview for Hannity told our reporter:

“Wilekenmeyer is the real deal. He put three bullets in Vince Foster and two in Seth Rich. He tied up more loose ends than any other hitman in history.”

The interview with Williams, which should tape in the next day or two, will be pre-empted by a short radio interview on Hannity’s show tomorrow. Wilekenmeyer has cooperated with authorities and will not be arrested until after his stories can all be corroborated, which won’t be nearly fast enough to beat the cancer riddling his body. Doctors say he has less than a week to live.

Hopefully, all of the evidence this man says he has pans out and a dying declaration is enough. Not having your star witness among the living is how the Clintons have escaped prosecution for 40 years.

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President Trump’s 1st Executive Order Of The New Year Just Saved Us Billions

The Official Oval Office agenda isn’t available today, as the federal government is technically closed, but our good friend Marigold Wakefield, President Trump’s Executive Assistant, has once again given us the not-so-secret secret of the day: EO 201801A.

That order, signed first thing this morning, takes the burden of tax preparation out of the hands of the average American:

“Those taking the standard deduction will no longer be required to file a return. They will, instead, send all pertinent information, such as pay stubs, proof of expenses, etc to the IRS who will adjust accordingly and either issue a refund or a tax bill based on current tax law.”

What they’re saying is if you’re like just about everyone else, now that all those complicated deductions and credits are out of the way, taxes will be easier if the person processing your return inputs the numbers themselves and checks against current, past and expected future income and expenditures.

Those who need to shift funds to more tax-beneficial options will still be able to have their accountants file in full so they don’t miss the new advantages available for things like job creation and inventory liquidation. In many cases, liquidating, which helped make our President great, will create more jobs all by itself.

Democrats, the ACLU and a few Libertarians are calling the measure overreach. We call it common sense. The numbers will be the same whether you type them into the computer or they do.

Official word of the EO should hit the mainstream tomorrow when the White House opens for the first time in 2018.

Source: Patriot Post